All About Rae Grand

  If you've talked to Rae, it was probably at her easel. Absorbing all the wonderful energy that surrounds culturally stimulated events Rae gets inspired. She's inspired by the faces of the people, the movement of the crowd, the trees and buildings, she's inspired by you! Rae started drawing musicians and bars for her own personal enjoyment and soon found that putting her work on a portable easel was a great way for people to come up to her and see what she was doing. By working live she was immersing herself into her community and connect with people around her. Open to all forms of mediums and outlets of creativity Rae considers herself a problem solver ready for any new project that comes her way. She's recently started working larger, spreading her bold colors and clean lines on mural sized walls. She's also currently working on a children's book inspired by her ever-changing current human experience of motherhood! Rae is due in May and is very excited to learn and be inspired by what her little girl will show her in this new life chapter. Stay tuned in with whats going on with Rae in her new blog!

Rae and her partner Drake  with their dog Horus and a little baby bump


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