Adventure fuels the art and art fuels the adventure in the life of Rae Grand. Having traveled all over the country and across seas to a few other countries, Rae has voyaged on foot through long hiking trails including the Appalachian Trail. She's lived for months in her trusty Astrovan "The Lunchbox" traveling across the country visiting varies national parks and major cities. For a year in 2010 Rae lived on a sailboat in her tropical hometown Sarasota Florida. During these adventures she draws the sights and the people, the live shows and the wondrous nature she comes across. The more she sees the more inspired she is to create.

   The simple line drawings below were completed in the summer of 2018 while traveling around in the Lunchbox. 


     A small collection of quick line drawings documenting some of the note worthy things Rae saw on the road, including Balancing Rock at the Garden of the Gods and a toilet built of tree branches in the middle of the woods. 


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